Your Sales Need A Boost – Use Call Tracking

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Your Sales Need A Boost – Use Call Tracking

Over the past few months we have given dozens of tips for businesses on how to use call tracking as a lead generation tool. The lifeblood of any sales team is a steady pipeline of leads that you can track over time as you move them further along the sales timeline. Businesses today often speak of poor economy as reasons as why their businesses aren’t prospering as they once were. Despite this however many businesses are flourishing in a ‘bad’ economy and they are doing it because they have realized that sales and marketing teams have to work smarter these days. Tools like call tracking can be amazing lead generators, below are some ways to leverage call tracking to boost your sales.

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Call tracking is a relatively new way of keeping track of your marketing.  Having multiple tracking numbers on various marketing mediums such as radio, TV, Internet, or magazine ads uses call tracking helps organize detailed results. A good call tracking system you can view all calls coming in, see who took the call, record the call, and gather reports on each tracking number issued. Of course, each tracking system will have it’s unique set of features and reporting, however for the most part, you should be able to gather enough information to make educated decisions about your marketing spend.

Call tracking can also be used as a form of quality control. Most people that run call centers have methods of checking quality of customer service, communications, sales, and training. It can also help identify potential loss sales due to inexperience or poor handling of  objections and rebuttals. Stop letting leads slip through the cracks and ensure that sales remain steady.

In other instances, call tracking can simply be used to promote a phone number and/or increase professionalism. It is quite common to have vanity numbers such as “1-800-Pet-Food”. This makes the number easy to remember and can also promote the name of the business. Having a phone number that connects straight to your cellphone can give the impression of a ‘new’ business or being branded as unprofessional.

Lastly, call tracking can be used as a lead distribution source. If you have a tracking number on a website or ad, that number can ring back to your sales representatives. You can have your calls forwarded to a call center, in which your call center distributes the calls accordingly. If your call tracking program allows it, you can have call tracking act as a “hunt group” or “follow me” type of routing. This can ensure an equal opportunity to have your leads accessed by your team in a seamless fashion.

Even with a downed economy many businesses are still doing well because the marketing they are doing is far more precise and conceived. Increase your sales today, call tracking has many different types of services and features that can help you manage your business. Ready to try Call Tracking for FREE?

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