Why Every Landing Page Needs A Call Tracking Number

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Why Every Landing Page Needs A Call Tracking Number

Many times, landing pages are used to test the market and see what advertisement your audience responds to. Creating a landing page with a call tracking number is a great way to gather results and optimize your ad campaigns and budget your marketing dollars.

One example how a tracking number can go hand in hand with your landing page(s) is by using 2 numbers on the same page.

Example, one might place a tracking at the top of the page and one at the bottom of page. This helps determine a couple things, A. are your customers reading the ad and B. At which point is the call to action effective and call you. Not to mention, if you’ve included keywords, that helps you determine which words to use or not use. By having 2 tracking numbers on the page, that let’s the marketing managers determine how effective the page is.

Another reason to have a call tracking on your landing pages is simply to find out if your landing pages are even generating any kind of responses or are they just floating around on the Internet not being seen. It’s not unusual to have multiple landing pages for the same product or service. This is done to figure out how to best present your advertising campaigns with a better call to action.

Another great use for call tracking is tracking the keywords used to find you. If you have a strong search engine optimization presence and they keywords are found on the landing pages with your tracking number, you can have an even more detailed report as to how or where people are finding you. As with anything, always test, test and test. You should A/B every element of the landing pages you create. Get creative with how you present your information. Soon, you’ll have a well optimized landing page campaign with your tracking numbers.

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