What The Firefox OS Means For Mobile Marketing

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What The Firefox OS Means For Mobile Marketing

It’s no surprise that Mozilla the creators of the second most popular internet browser ‘Firefox’ are entering the mobile OS scene after Google released there operating system a few years ago. Firefox is ideal for mobile marketing. So what does Mozilla offer that Apple and Google doesn’t?

Optimized for Mobile Marketing

The OS is all web based so without having to download things to your mobile phone you can access tons of web apps already created. However the one thing that the firefox os will bring is that it is aimed towards lower income individuals at least from the start. So what does this mean for mobile marketing? This enables lower income individuals to afford smartphones. Many believed that android phones were going to be the entering wedge for lower income families to access smartphones but statistics aren’t showing this. Now if this is the smartphone os that marketers have been waiting for it can mean big things for mobile marketing and SMS marketing. More individuals with more smartphones means more people to market your services to.

Mobile Marketing is Good for Business

Consumers use their mobile phones to go online and search for information because they are always available.  This makes mobile marketing an opportunity to reach consumers that are driven by convenience.  For example, people may look up a local restaurant on the way home from work or compare prices on televisions when standing in Best Buy.  The same holds true for buying a car, couch, appliance or any major purchase.  Smart phones make it possible to comparison shop on the go.  This is excellent news for companies that want to promote specials and take business from the competition.

Text message marketing is an ideal way to reach this growing consumer base.  Businesses can send out a text message about dinner specials, discounted oil changes, limited time discounts and more.  These marketing messages will go directly to your customers phones, prompting them to take action.  Dynamic Interactive offers text message marketing solutions for businesses that want to participate in this high ROI marketing tactic.

Regardless of what type of business you own, mobile marketing is more than a fad.  It’s the future.