Voice Broadcasting Software

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Voice Broadcasting Software

Hello Voice Broadcasting Software Shopper,

If you are researching voice broadcasting software you are either planning on building your own voice broadcasting system or you want to find a web based (SaaS) service provider. If you are looking for a voice broadcasting service provider, skip to the section below titled “our software”.  If you are planning on setting up your own in-house system let me stop you and dispel a few myths:

1. If I have my own software voice broadcasting calls will be free – False

2. With VoIP and the cloud I can make calls without expensive hardware costs – False

3. If I buy a small dialer I will save in the long term and have no headaches – False

4. Building a voice broadcasting system is easy and can be done fast on a small budget. – False

That’s right; let this be a courtesy notice that unless you are a big company with a large budget to spend you should not consider buying or building a voice broadcasting system or software. It is a very difficult proposition with many pitfalls and challenges to overcome. Some of the challenges you will face if you decide to acquire your own voice broadcasting software or system are:

1. Carriers – The good ole phone carriers who are the gatekeepers to the PSTN will block or penalize you financially for short call durations or low call connect rates. Most voice broadcasting service providers have professionals dedicated strictly to the job of carrier relations. Not Fun.

2. Hardware – If you plan to call out on more than 100 call paths (phone lines) effectively or have more than a few users accessing the system be prepare to either purchase or lease many dedicated servers for handling calls, database, and other software. You will also need powerful firewalls, switches, and fiber optics in some cases.

3. Software – Any good voice broadcasting software that is for sale is expensive and licensing will depend on your needs. If you are building your own software from scratch be prepared to hire multiple in-house developers to go through a long term learning curve on your dime.  The software that powers voice broadcasting is not only complex, but has to deal with issues of redundancy, speed, fail over, and load balancing.

4. Time – It’s not going to happened fast. If you need something that works this year then stop planning and use a service provider.

Now we may be biased because we are a service provider but you may find this advice accurate in the future if you choose to ignore it.

So back to the voice broadcasting (SaaS) option. With a company like ours you simply pay for what you use.. No setup or other complicated hardware/software fees. Within minutes you can be achieving your goals with voice broadcasting with the help of our dedicated support team.

Our Software

Dynamic Interactive offers 2 software suites to meet your voice broadcasting needs. Tel server is our first platform which offers robust features with rich reporting and campaign controls. CX dialer is our second platform which offers a easy to understand solution for wholesale voice broadcast users and resellers.

Both our software suites are web based and managed so you can access your account and campaigns anywhere anytime. No downtime, no maintenance, no headache.

The backbone to our platforms, are a web of clustered servers throughout the country which handle everything from do not call list scrubbing to call management.

You can rest assured that with Dynamic Interactive you have access to the most up to date and powerful voice broadcasting features.

For a free demonstration of our software or to speak to a representative give us a call at 877.345.4937.