Voice Broadcasting Can Increase Your Sales

on Mar 17, 2014   ·   Voice Broadcasting   ·   

Voice Broadcasting Can Increase Your Sales

Voice Broadcasting is the quickest, easiest and most time efficient way to generate business, especially when you have a sales floor. With Voice Broadcasting your sales team can make outbound calls with a prerecorded message with an option to reach a sales rep if they are interested.

Sales agents will close more sales when they use Voice Broadcasting.  You can get your sales team fired up by making it easier for them to speak with hot leads, people that are interested in your product or service. By eliminating the need for reps to leave voice mails or dial the phone, they can get into a rhythm, and your close ratio will go up.

There are several types of Voice Broadcasting solutions you can try.
  • Prerecorded messages with an option for live transfer.  Dynamic Interactive’s Voice Broadcasting software can call your customer base, play a message when someone answers, and give them the option to be transferred to a live sales rep if they want to learn more.  Sales agents spend time speaking with hot prospects only.
  • Leave voice mails.  A set voice mail can be left on answering machines.  Companies can play around with the script and track which ones cause people to call back.  You can also use a specific call tracking number to ensure you know which incoming calls are from voice mails.

Voice Broadcasting also comes with an option to continue calling numbers that didn’t answer throughout the day or week. This way you can reach everyone on your list without sales reps remembering whom they need to call back.

The Voice Broadcasting software will continue making calls throughout the day.  When all of your available agents are speaking with a customer, the software will stop dialing.  Once the line is available, the calls will automatically start again.  This streamline solution will maximize the efficiency of your sales floor.

Voice Broadcasting allows your sales floor to be productive by only talking to the people that are initially interested in your message regarding and what you are promoting. The set up process is fast and easy with a Dynamic Interactive customer service rep to get you started and train you on how to use the voice broadcasting system.  The Dynamic Interactive team is also available for any technical issues or question you might have in the future. Your assigned sales rep is similar to a consultant and will assist you with your scripts/outbound messages and give you advice on what kind of market to dial out to so that you can get the best response possible.