Using Click to Call on Your Internet Marketing Campaigns

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Using Click to Call on Your Internet Marketing Campaigns

Using click to call is a great way to display a call-to-action and increase the chances of getting more leads. A click-to-call function allows you to place a “call” icon imbedded into your website. When your visitors enter their phone number, a call will be initiated and connect the visitor with a representative from your company. This functionality creates a simple way for prospects to speak with you instantaneously and generate hot leads.

Create a Connection

Adding a click-to-call function on your website is a great way increase inbound calls. As visitors land on a website, read the content, and decide whether your product and/or service is of interest to them, their next step is contact you. With click to call potential clients can enter their phone number and initiate a direction connection with an agent at your company. On a mobile website, this gives the browser the ability to simply click the number that appears on your website rather than having to write down the number and then call you. This helps decrease wait time and any factors that result in early hang-ups. Making it simple for clients to reach you is crucial to the success of your business. Implementing a click to call feature on your website is one great tool for growth.

Easy Implementation and Tracking

Imbedding click to call into your website is really quite simple. By asking your service provider, you should receive a code that is to be added into your website. This code can be added by you or your webmaster. Once the code has been injected, test the functionality of the click-to-call feature and make sure it connects the call properly.

Once click to call is working, you can now track all of your calls, usually with no additional hardware or software to be downloaded. This platform should allow your agents to handle the calls made from the website, track your responses, and manage your leads. The various call logs and reports should help you refine your marketing efforts and understand the behavior of your visitors. This is especially true if you implement Google Analytics with your current marketing.

If you’re looking to use a click to call feature and have it added to your website, including the ability to track your calls, visit our website site for more information and read about our click-to-call feature:

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