Use Voice Broadcasting to Remind Clients or Team Members of Events

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Use Voice Broadcasting to Remind Clients or Team Members of Events

Voice Broadcasting is a great tool for sending out announcements and reminders. Many non-profit organizations, clubs, schools, and businesses use voice broadcasting as a weekly, monthly, or yearly policy. By exploring the uses and benefits of voice broadcasting, you can incorporate this method and accelerate your system.

Remind Your Clients

When you have important reminders to send out to your clients one good way to get this information out as quickly as possible is through the use of a pre-recorded message. This reduces manpower, saves time, and saves money. Many have used a pre-recorded message with a “press-1” option to be connected with a representative. This is especially effective when both the business and the client need to exchange information. For  example, a doctor’s office may use a pre recorded message to remind their patients about scheduled or changed appointments. If a voicemail is reached, they can leave a message to call the doctor’s office back. This is great for large offices that need to reach out to their patients quickly without wasting too much time manually dialing numbers.

Remind Team Members of Events

Using Voice broadcasting is greatly used among event organizers. Anything from night clubs, non-profits, churches, and schools have used this method to contact hundreds of people within a matter of seconds. With the many moving parts of planning large events, distributing updated information and having reminders, such as locations, prices or times, voice broadcasting will help ensure the program runs as smooth as possible.

Yes, you can use email or text. But when there is a sense of urgency and there is more information than a few lines of text, you need to initiate a phone call and send that information out to your clients or event members as soon as possible. In addition to these great features, the cost of broadcasting a message is relatively low. It doesn’t cost much to send out a message to a few hundred or thousand people. This is what makes this method of marketing so attractive. These broadcast platforms are mainly online, which makes it easy to work with; you record the message, upload a phone list and schedule the time and day to run.

Do the research! Run A/B testing to see what message works best. And after you dial in the right settings, you should reap the benefits of voice broadcasting campaigning.