St. Nicholas Shares Call Tracking Secrets

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St. Nicholas Shares Call Tracking Secrets

It’s wintertime again and its time for our number one user to share some of his call tracking expertise. St Nicholas a.k.a. Santa Claus, has been using call tracking to monitor his elves productivity when receiving and calling distributors and suppliers. Dynamic’s very first customer started using call tracking just days after we opened up for business.

“Just around the time I started using call tracking I began to notice my elves were finding it harder and harder to meet the Dec. 24 deadline of all toy creation and assembly. It was then I realized that in order to meet the demand I would have to start buying some of my toys from third party companies in addition to finding distributors in order to help me deliver the toys on the one night delivery. With Dynamic’s Call Tracking, I am able to easily see where most of my supplies are coming in from and when. I make sure suppliers don’t backpedal with verbal promises over the phone with call recording.It is also very important to us at the North Pole to track just where all our calls are coming from, sometimes we get accidental calls from children looking to verify my whereabouts and with call tracking I know which cities and towns to be extra careful of when I squeeze through their chimneys.

I would recommend to any company from large like the north pole to small shops all over. As a gift from me to you this Holiday season try a free trial of Call Tracking and you won’t be sorry.”

Well there you have it, we have partnered with Claus to bring you this special offer. Try it out today!