Social Network Marketing – Facebook

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Social Network Marketing – Facebook
Facebook Connect makes sense and dollars

Facebook Connect makes sense and dollars

As the end of the year is coming up, we are seeing that social networking websites are being used as marketing opportunities for small and big business. Among the top social networking websites is Facebook who finally claims to be making a profit in 2009 along with the announcement of reaching over 300 million users.  From the 2 billion photos uploaded a month to the 40 million status updates a day we know users are active on the site but why?

Reasons People Use Facebook

  • Communication, staying connected
  • Networking or work related
  • Hype, buzz or curiosity from friends
  • Entertainment like music, movies and games

What does this mean to you as a marketer?

  • Large groups of people to market to all in one place
  • Great amounts of obtainable user information

How do you get started marketing with Social Network Marketing?

  • Make a Facebook fan page
  • Utilize Facebook Connect on any current company website

Now that you know where, why, and how to use social networks to market your business you should get started. With many of the major brands jumping on board to the social network bandwagon there is no better time than now to start networking before they take over the marketplace.

If you have already taken the time to dive into the social networking world let us know how.  Showcase your work by leaving us a comment.