Why SMS Marketing Is On The Rise

on Dec 5, 2012   ·   SMS Marketing   ·   0 comments

Why SMS Marketing Is On The Rise

As with all new forms of marketing many people are cautious and slow to join SMS based marketing. However with the entry cost being so low and the impact it can have on any business, it is amazing how few companies are taking advantage of this great new method of marketing.

Here are the reasons why businesses are making a killing using SMS marketing.

  • SMS marketing creates a database of you customers. Collect data on your customers, learn which customers are more apt to respond to your advertisements. Give you the ability to learn which market segments are lacking by gauging SMS involvement.
  • Reach your customers wherever they are. Whether they are at home, at the office, or at lunch.
  • Allows you to be up close and personal with your customers. With mobile coupons on the rise and less and less people using paper coupons reach your clients and specific times. For example a food business can send out a SMS with an offer one hour before lunch time.
  • Whenever sent SMS message is guaranteed to be delivered to the phone.
  • Send appointment reminders to clients and customers a day or hours before. Let your customer know their order is in, or their maintenance is complete, the options are endless.

Your SMS broadcasting can be opted out of at any time, but that truly is the only drawback. In today’s business market, companies have learned that servicing your existing client base is the key to growing. SMS is the answer to any business looking to reach and serve their customers more efficiently and effectively. Let us help you reach your business potential by better server your customers.