Web Based Interface

Plan, Setup, Run, and Monitor your voice broadcasting campaigns in real-time with our web based dashboard. You can be self sufficient on this powerful reporting system or our customer service team can assist you every step of the way.

Phone List Uploader

You can upload a phone list to our system with ease. No matter the size of your list, our system accepts txt files with phone numbers, names, and other data to merge/create campaigns. Your list will be ready for use within 1-3 minutes.

Do-Not-Call List Assistant

Our Dynamic software can scrub your list against the federal do not call list and create your own personal DNC list. We ensure that you stay compliant with current FCC regulations by enabling customers to opt-out of receiving future calls. Every time they make that selection your DNC and contact list is updated, ensuring that person does not receive further calls from you.

Time Zone Control

Make sure your calls are going out at appropriate hours. We have safe guards in place to ensure that calls do not go out prior to 8 am or after 9 pm in any given time zone. Additionally you can separate your list by time zone and decide the exact time of day people are called. This feature is determined by area code.

Upload Your Phone Message

You can record your phone message by uploading an existing MP3 file. We also have customer service associates that can record a personalized message on your behalf. Your file will be available for use immediately.

Record Your Phone Message Through a Phone Call

We make it easy to record your voice message. Simply select the option for our system to call you and record your message directly into the phone. This gives you the flexibility to change your message as often as you like.

Convert Text to Speech

Our Dynamic text to speech engine can send customized messages to each person on your contact list. You can merge database information directly into your messages. This can include information like the customer’s name, account information, balances, location, previous purchase and more.

Real-time Reporting

Receive immediate call reporting that includes the status of calls, how many were answered, calls that were transferred, how long each call lasted, time of day calls were answered, minutes used and more. At Dynamic we even provide you with an audio recording of each call that was transferred to a live representative. This information can be accessed immediately and used to update your campaign based on results.

Detailed Call Logs

Our call logs come to you in real time and can be accessed online or through an automated email report. We provide you with detailed information that includes: phone numbers called, date and time of each call, the Caller ID that was used, call disposition, call duration, and more. You can put the report information into excel for easy report management.

Transfer Logs & Recordings

Our Dynamic real-time transfer logs provide you with details on which calls were transferred to a live representative, how long they lasted, the Caller ID, and a recording of the call. Hold your sales associates accountable and ensure quality control through these robust reporting solutions.

Campaign Scheduler

Need to run a campaign tomorrow, next week, or even next month? Our system allows you to set it and forget it.

Answering Machine Detection

Our voice broadcasting system can discern between a live person and an answering machine or voice mail with an 85% accuracy rate, the highest in the industry! You can customize your settings based on whether a live person answers the call or it goes to voice mail, even leaving a message for them to call you back.

Telephone Surveys

Conduct automated telephone surveys and gather data instantly. Within minutes of launching your automated survey you can have thousands of responses. This amazing option is the tool you have been looking for!

Outbound IVR

Make your outbound calls interactive with options to select numbers 1 – 9 for a different response. Each number can play a customized message, with one dedicated to transferring the call to a live agent at a phone number of your choosing.

Data Merge with text to speech

Our Dynamic data merge technology enables you to upload text files that can be converted to speech. This way you can send a customized message to each person on your call list. This customizable feature is ideal for collections, banking, appointment reminders, the insurance industry, or any other company looking to target customers with specific information. You can send thousands of customized calls at the same time.


Automatically redial phone numbers that didn’t answer, rang busy, or were answered by voice mail. You can set the call backs for a specific amount of time after the initial call.

List Rehash

Our comprehensive call detail reports indicate which numbers resulted in a busy signal, disconnected number, answering machine, operators, or no answer at all. You can go through your contact list and remove these numbers at anytime or create a new version of the list to use in a new campaign.