Predictive Dialer

Energize your sales floor.

Predictive Dialer
Our cloud based Dynamic Predictive Dialer Platform will energize your sales floor


Increase your Agents Productivity by Over 650%!

Our predictive dialer software ensures that your agents only speak with live prospects. Stop wasting time dialing, leaving voicemails, listening to busy signals, encountering disconnected numbers, fax machines, or shuffling through leads. Our web based predictive dialer and manager portal allows you to increase productivity while monitoring agent activity. We have removed the barriers to reaching more customers by making campaigns easy to manage and adjust in real-time.
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Increase Your Sale’s Floors Productivity Today!


Our “Call Hub” is your Custom Solution. Includes all these features.

Call Hub
  • Maximize call agent production with our aggressive calling algorithm
  • Web based geographical distributed infrastructure
  • Full time US based customer support
  • Connect calling agents with ease through VoIP or Call-in
  • Streamlined manager interface with unique user settings
  • Multiple campaigns can call from the same lead list
  • Real-time reporting
  • Custom Dispositions
  • CRM Integration
  • Call Abandonement Options
  • “The Perfect Pitch” customized solutions