No Hardware to install

With PBX from Dynamic you don’t need any hardware. Our system is cloud based and you can take calls directly to your computer. All you need is a computer with internet connection and a head set.

No Hardware to maintain

We maintain our cloud based system so you don’t have to!

Robust features

PBX through Dynamic has the features you need to operate efficiently. We offer features you can count on to maximize your teams performance.

Quick Install time

With no hardware to install you can get set up on Dynamic’s PBX system right away!

Local Support

Our support team is US based and ready to assist you.

Scalable Cloud Based System

Our Dynamic PBX is cloud based, allowing you to scale with ease. With no hardware requirements you can increase the number of reps using the PBX system immediately.

Phone Options

Dynamic’s PBX solution can integrate with traditional phones or you can use it with a computer and headset.

We replace your telephone company

You can use Dynamic’s PBX in the place of your existing telephone carrier.

Work from home

Our cloud based system allows you to work from anywhere in the US.

Manage Employees from home

Our system gives you the flexibility to work from home. Manage your employees from wherever you are!

No Long Term Contracts

Our flexible solutions can grow with you. With no long term contracts you can adjust the service at any time.

Experienced in Call Centers

Our founders have call center experience so we intimately understand your business needs. Our solutions are designed to make your business operate smoothly.

Inbound & Outbound Calling

Dynamic’s PBX solution works with inbound and outbound calling for a complete telephony solution.

Voice Mails sent to your Inbox

Read your voice mails in real-time. Our system will automatically email a transcript of your messages so you can read voice mails and respond faster.

Call Recording

Our system records calls so you can coach team members and ensure quality control.

Auto attendants & IVRs

Make your outbound calls interactive with options to select numbers 1 – 9 for a different response. Each number can play a customized message, with one dedicated to transferring the call to a live agent at a phone number of your choosing.

Inbound Queues & Ring Groups

Customize call routing based on your teams capacity.

After Hours

Customize your after hours options to send customer straight to voice mail or an alternative phone number.

Blacklist Numbers

Block specific phone numbers

Follow me calling

Follow me calling enables you to route calls to multiple numbers, switching to the next after a certain number of rings.

Employee Directory

Give callers the option of speaking with specific employees.

Conference Calling

Conference calling ability for your business.

Call Parking

Put a customer on hold then pick up from a different line. Call parking from Dynamic gives you the ultimate flexibility.

Remote Workers

Your agents can work from anywhere.

Music on hold

Music can be playing while your customers are on hold.

Online Reporting

Comprehensive online reporting features enable you to monitor your teams results on a daily basis.

Online Call Logs

Listen to your teams performance in real-time with live call monitoring.

Manager to Agent Whisper

Managers can listen in on agent calls and provide instant feedback or assistance.

Flash Operator Panel

Operator control through our flash operator panel.

Call Screening

See who is calling and answer based on that information.

Call Announcement

Let your agents know where a call is coming from, what business line, or advertisement. This additional information can give them the tools they need to provide better service.

Call Forwarding

Select where you want your calls to go.

Call Waiting

Give your agents the opportunity to place callers on hold and answer additional calls.

Call Confirmation

Confirm when calls have been received and a person is ready to speak with an agent.