Simple Web Based Interface

Our online call tracking interface provides you with instant reporting, real-time call logs, phone number routing, and easy to use controls through a web based dashboard. Our Dynamic software is easy to use but powerful enough to deliver the results you’ve been looking for.

Call Recording

Through online call tracking we can record each call and provide access to each recording within minutes after the call has ended. You can download the files in an MP3 format to save and use for training and coaching team members. You can turn the recordings on or off at your leisure.

Hunt Groups

With Dynamics marketing call tracking system you can evenly distribute calls amongst sales people and customer service representatives. You control the amount of time between skipping phone numbers and can disable the feature when you don’t need it.

Multi line Ring

With multi-line ring several phone numbers can ring at the same time when a call comes into the system. Marketing call tracking works well in sales environments when representatives are eager to be the first one to answer.

SMS/Email Alerts

Our telephone call tracking software allows you to set text and email alerts when a call comes in. You can customize the alert settings to include a variety of features including letting you know when calls are unusually short.

Instant # Adding

Add more numbers at any time!
Our online call tracking allows you to add new local or toll free numbers at any time. All you have to do is login to your dashboard, add the new phone numbers, and start using them.

Toll Free Numbers

You can select additional 800#s at any time through our online dashboard. We have 800, 88, 877, 866 and 855 numbers available for purchase for only $29.

Local Numbers

We have local phone numbers instantly available in most US area codes. Area codes that require manual processing are handled by our experiences support staff to ensure that you receive your new phone number quickly. We charge a onetime set up fee of $3 to $10 per phone number.

Virtual Voice Mail

With online call tracking you control when callers are sent to voicemail. You can set the system to transfer callers after a certain number of rings, set hours, or days. You can instantly access your voicemails online or have them emailed to you. At Dynamic we can also help you record a personal greeting.

Caller ID Masking

With our caller ID system we can assign a set number to display when calls come in from a particular advertisement. That way you can determine where your calls are coming from before you answer the phone. Dynamic’s marketing telephone call tracking system enables you to quickly tell who is calling and from what phone number. This real time feedback enables you to know which one of your advertisements are the most effective.

Call Whisper Answer Confirmation

With answer confirmation the person answering the phone needs to hit the #1 in order to accept the call. This prevents calls from going to voicemail.

Website Click to Call Widget

Click to Call is an essential feature for any mobile website. People need to easily access information about you to set appointments or call with a question. Click to call lets cell phone users contact you with a simple touch rather than needing to write a phone number down. By using one of the phone numbers we provide you can track how many calls come from your mobile site.

After hours options

Set after-hours options such as transferring to an alternate number, answering service, or virtual voicemail.

Real-time reports

At Dynamic we provide you with real-time reports that detail exactly what has happened with your advertising and marketing call tracking campaigns. You can easily find information and view call patterns by looking at our graphs.

Real-time call logs

We provide detailed call logs of each call that has come in including: display Caller ID, date, time, name, address, duration, state, disposition, and call recording. You can filter for unique calls, date range, and call duration. The reports export to excel for easy sharing within your company.

Private Label Solutions

Do you want to offer telephone call tracking services to your clients? You can white label Dynamics phone dialer software and online call tracking solutions. We place your logo on our software so that your clients see your company information instead of ours.

Sub Accounts

Assign clients and employees specific account access so that they can log in to view specific campaigns and information for certain tracking numbers within your account.

Keyword Call Tracking for SEO and PPC (BETA)

For a limited time we are offering clients the opportunity to participate in our keyword call tracking test. This feature takes marketing call tracking to a whole new level by determining which keywords, search engines, SEO, and PPC promotions are generating calls. While in BETA, this service is free of charge.

Dynamic Number insertion (BETA)

At Dynamic we are always innovating and looking for ways to provide you with additional tools to succeed. We are currently testing using a small piece of code to insert phone numbers, based on data passed through to your web server, in either the query string or the referring URL’s query string.

True 800 Numbers

True 800 numbers are no longer available in the national toll free number pool (sms database) but we obtain 800 toll free numbers from private sources and offer them to you at $29 each.

Call Log Dispositions

You can manage call flow and increase efficiencies by manually setting call dispositions. Your sales and customer service team can use our online call tracking to place notes in the call log for each call. You can request custom dispositions from our support team at any time.

Number Porting

You can keep your existing phone number by porting it over from your current carrier to our service. We charge a $50 fee to port local phone numbers and $30 for toll free phone numbers. Your phone number is yours to keep and you can transfer it out of Dynamic’s service at any time.