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[accordions collapsible=”true”][accordion title=”What is call tracking?”]Telephone call tracking is a service that tracks every call that comes into your company including: where a customer found the phone number, the details of each call, voice recordings and more. Toll free and local phone numbers are assigned to different advertising campaigns, enabling you to determine the effectiveness of each campaign. Through our online call tracking system you have instant access to reporting and call details. This information can be used for internal training, quality control, and making changes to advertising campaigns. [/accordion][/accordions]

[accordions collapsible=”true”][accordion title=”Why use call tracking?”]

  • Track advertising campaigns and save money by focusing on ads that work
  • Monitor and improve employee performance with call recordings
  • Route calls to multiple reps and locations
  • SMS and email notifications sent to your phone
  • Analytics and reporting to show which ads are generating calls and leading to closed sales
  • Assign a unique phone number to each ad for marketing call tracking
  • Improve your ROI by spending money on ads that produce results.

The main benefit to using call tracking is the knowledge and analytics you get. You can use this information to track different advertising campaigns or test creative’s. This allows you to assign a different number to each marketing campaign and each website and know where all the calls are coming from. This is crucial because you can determine which campaigns are working and which ones are not. This redirection of marketing dollars to what works will more then cover the cost of the service.[/accordion][/accordions]

[accordions collapsible=”true”][accordion title=”What reports are available?”]At Dynamic we provide detailed analytics and reporting to help you know exactly how your telephone call tracking campaigns are working. Our reports and graphs include: number of calls per day, calls per state, calls per unique phone number, average call duration, calls per disposition, calls per area code, calls by day of the week, calls by hour of the day, cost per call, cost per unique call, estimated ROI and revenue, along with overall ROI.
We are always adding more features and can customize reports based on your needs.

And we are always adding new reports monthly. All reports can choose any date range.[/accordion][/accordions]

[accordions collapsible=”true”][accordion title=”Is call tracking worth the cost vs. a regular toll free number?”]Dynamic Solutions marketing call tracking cost a few cents more than a standard toll free number but wasted minutes are reduced, including:

  • Missed Call Cost: Stop losing revenue by missing sales calls
  • Inefficient Advertising: Don’t spend money on ads that don’t generate leads. By assigning a unique phone number to each ad, website, and blog you can tell where your leads are coming from and spend money on advertisement that works.
  • Employee Attitudes: Our telephone call tracking system records calls, enabling you to monitor your employee performance. Studies have shown that employees with poor attitudes can cost business while employees with a positive disposition can increase your customer retention.
  • Sales Staff Retention: Retain top sales people by bringing in quality leads. Marketing call tracking provides you the data you need to improve the amount and consistency of incoming leads.
  • Improve Your ROI: Advertising is expensive and every call you miss is money down the drain. By ensuring every call is answered you can increase your ROI.

If you drop a 50,000 piece mailer, you need to know who called and when. This is because your cost per call could be as high as $80 to $100. So each call is worth $100. Therefore each dropped call, or missed call is a complete loss. Knowing who called and when is crucial to maximizing the results of any advertising campaign.[/accordion][/accordions]

[accordions collapsible=”true”][accordion title=”Do you have to use all the features on the system?”]Customize your telephone call tracking by selecting the features you want to use. You can make changes at any time.[/accordion][/accordions]

[accordions collapsible=”true”][accordion title=”Is your system simple or hard to use?”]Dynamic Call Tracking is extremely easy and simple to use. Our clients rave about our platform, saying it is the most user friendly system they have encountered. [/accordion][/accordions]

[accordions collapsible=”true”][accordion title=”Can I port my numbers to or away from your service?”]Yes, you can port toll free or local numbers to or from our service.[/accordion][/accordions]

[accordions collapsible=”true”][accordion title=”Are their long term contracts?”]No, we offer a month to month service. This gives you the ultimate flexibility in adjusting your online call tracking service based on your changing business needs.[/accordion][/accordions]

[accordions collapsible=”true”][accordion title=”Do you have local numbers in my area?”]We have local numbers in most areas of the United States. Call us to verify that we have numbers in your area. A $3 one time setup fee applies to local numbers.[/accordion][/accordions]