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Call tracking is an important investment into your company’s success. In order for your company to succeed, you must grow and that typically requires some form of advertising.  The challenge that many businesses face is that they do not have a way to track if their advertisements are effective or not.  They try various options, spend money, and have no idea what is working or what isn’t.  Inbound call tracking eliminates the need to guess.  Each advertisement is assigned a specific phone number so that when the phone ring you know where the customer found your information.

Ways to Use Inbound Call Tracking

The goal with call tracking is to determine how effective your activities are so that you can spend money in areas that are driving results.  This will improve your overall ROI and help you to grow your business.

Here are some placement suggestions.

  • Website.  Have you ever wondered what people are reading on your website?  Now you can find out.  By placing different contact numbers at various locations on your website, you can monitor how much of your content is being read.  For example, place a phone number on the header of your site, one in the middle, and one at the bottom of your site.  The information you receive can help you make adjustments to your website that increase your overall conversion rate and make you more profitable.
  • Print Ads.  Every time you run a print ad, whether through Val Pac, post cards, or in a newspaper, each one should be assigned a different phone number so that you can track which ads are being viewed and which ones make the phone ring.  This simple tactic enables you to track open rates.
  • Business Cards.  If you have a large sales team you can assign each one a call tracking number to use on their business cards, social media posts, and profiles.  This will demonstrate which team members are driving the most exposure for your business.
  • Radio and Television.  Any time you run an expensive advertising campaign it is critical that you assign a unique call tracking number to it.  If you are scheduled for several time slots, use a unique phone number for each one.  This will help you to identify the best way to allocate those dollars in the future.

These are some of the many ways you can use inbound call tracking to increase your marketing ROI and help you to grow your business.  Try Dynamic Interactive’s call tracking solution today and start spending your advertising dollars wisely.


We provide you with specific phone numbers to place on each one of your ads. This lets you track where your calls are coming from and which ads to do more of, or discontinue all together. Online call tracking enables you to increase your ROI by focusing on advertising that works. Our Dynamic solutions give you additional ways to track and monitor your calls so you can coach your team and increase closing ratios.



Powerful yet simple web based system.

Telephone call tracking is an internet based service that lets you track where your leads are coming from. We provide you with local and toll free numbers to place on your advertising so that you can tell which ads are generating each call. It is different from virtual PBX services by giving you tracking and monitoring options. With marketing call tracking you have the tools to make sure that your advertising dollars are used effectively. Click the photo below to try Dynamics Call Tracking for FREE!

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Call Tracking

Dynamic’s Call Tracking platform is the best platform that we have integrated in the past year. We are not only able to track our calls but we are also able to go through them and also find out which campaigns are driving the most traffic. Dynamic Interactive is your #1 source for Call Tracking.

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