Does Your Print Marketing Work?

on Jan 3, 2013   ·   Call Tracking   ·   0 comments

Does Your Print Marketing Work?

It is the year 2013, and many once said that print marketing would be dead, but despite the increases in mobile and online marketing print marketing is still successful for many business small and large. However most small to medium companies suffer from not being able to spread their print marketing like the leaves of autumn and in return sometimes unknowingly spend far too much on local ads. Marketing today is no longer like in times past where you spent money large amounts of money with no way to know way of knowing which ads were working for you, today however, we can test our marketing efforts and this is where call tracking shines.

Print Marketing Still Works

Let’s take a local business and say they send out two different ads both with different messages and offer. They send both these ads to the exact same group of people/businesses with different phone numbers. With Dynamic’s call tracking this local business would be able to test which ad works better all by monitoring which phone call garnered more attention. The data doesn’t stop there though, when these customers do call in, we are able to record the call conversations for quality assurance.

This year in marketing is all about, testing and adapting your marketing efforts and call tracking is one amazing tool for doing just that.