A Predictive Dialer can Improve Your Sales Pipeline

on Feb 6, 2014   ·   Predictive Dialer   ·   

A Predictive Dialer can Improve Your Sales Pipeline

A predictive dialer is a telephony solution that enables you to reach more customers in a shorter period of time.  You can reach up to eight times the amount of people you can call using manual dialing.  This will increase your sales pipeline and reduce your overhead.

How Does a Predictive Dialer Work?

Dynamic Interactive’s predictive dialer software connects agents with live prospects. You can upload a list of phone numbers and the predictive dialer will call each one until a live customer is reached.  When they do, the call is transferred to a live agent.  This eliminates the time spent shuffling paperwork, dialing phone numbers, and waiting on hold while the phone rings.  Agents only spend time on live phone calls.

The predictive dialer software allows a manager to monitor call agent’s activity to make sure that they are utilizing their available tools to close leads and make more sales. If a prospect answers and is not interested the agent will hang up and the dialer will call make more calls until someone answers that can be transferred to the live agent again.  This creates minimal down time on the sales floor. If agents speak with a prospect that is not interested at the moment, but wants a call back, agents will be able to schedule one for a later time. The call tracking software enables agents to make a note of what happens on every call and managers to pull a report of the call backs that are scheduled to take place.  This helps your agents to close more deals by not losing track of leads that have a good chance of closing.

Dynamic Interactive’s predictive dialer is a productive tool for sales reps and will keep sales pipelines full with no down time. This software will increase sales, productivity and opportunity for your business to grow. Here at Dynamic Interactive we have an experienced customer service team who will train you on how to use the predictive system, provide you with helpful user guides and assist you with any technical questions you might have. We also have experienced sales reps that will assist you in creating a script for call agents and different strategies on how to get a prospect interested in your product.

With Dynamic Interactive’s complex predictive dialer and our knowledgeable staff your sales team will be more productive and close more leads than ever before. To find out more about predictive dialing, please visit DynamicIC.com