Political Telephone Surveys

on Mar 1, 2010   ·   Voice Broadcasting   ·   0 comments

Get Feedback from Your Community

Are you going to be running any political voice broadcasts this year? Did you know that you can conduct surveys as well using our broadcasting system? A survey campaign is a great way to reach out to your community for feedback and it works just like a normal campaign.

  • Our system plays your greeting to anyone who answers live
  • They are given the option to participate in your survey
  • Your questions are played along with answers
  • The resident can press the number that corresponds with their answer

Surveys can be used for a number of reasons but we have seen them used to find out a little bit more information about residents of an area. Sometimes the information is used to find out more about a specific party or change in an area, other times it is used to find out what the community would like to see in the future.

Common Questions Asked by Political Surveys

  • If the vote for a candidate were today who would you vote for?
  • That political party do you represent?
  • Do changes in this law negatively or positively affect you?
  • What would you like changed the most in our community?

Not only do people respond well to surveys from a voice broadcast but telephone surveys are the most inexpensive way to interact with a large community of people quickly and efficiently. You can get your feedback within an hour and sometimes in minutes, depending on the size of your campaign.

Tips for Political Surveys

  • Keep the greeting short, the longer the survey takes the less accurate it will be
  • Questions should be direct, not open ended, remember you will have to provide the answers
  • Get to the point and get the feedback you absolutely need, do not ask too many questions
  • Run your campaign around dinner time, people have time and are in a good mood around dinner

Maybe next time instead of just notifying people where the next meeting will be, you can also ask them to stay on the line to answer some questions to better help the community if they would like. The results could surprise you.