Political Robo Calls

on Dec 28, 2009   ·   Voice Broadcasting   ·   2 comments

Political Robo Calls

Political Robo Calls are a powerful tool to reach out to potential or likely voters in your target district, region, state, or country. But these calls must be used appropriately to not anger people and create a negative impact on the campaign or goal. But when used effectively robo calls (voice broadcasting) can be a very powerful way to get your political message out almost instantly for a fraction of the cost of direct mail, TV, or radio advertising.

Political robo calls

When choosing a company to get your campaign out on time you must ensure they have experience with political campaigns. This can include last minute campaigns, dealing with registrars offices to get updated voter lists, message creation, large capacity campaigns, and the ability to do it all quickly when called upon by campaign staffers.

List scrubbing is also very important. You need to make sure you do not call the same people multiple times within a short period of time. This will only create a angry voter which no one wants. If you are scrubbing against the do not call list you will need the right system and resources to do this quickly. Also several states have banned political robo calls. You need to avoid calling these areas to prevent any legal complications that can arise.

Last minute campaigns and capacity are also very big issues. During the political season robo calling resources (systems) nationwide get bogged down with demand. Working with a provider that can insure channel (phone line) availability is crucial. The 2 weeks leading up to a election usually mean there is a huge demand for robo calls and there is usually a premium to get these calls out.

Dynamic Interactive offers rapid political robo calls with a full service approach. One point of contact will help you through the process so you can focus on winning.

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