Pay Per Call Performance Based Direct Marketing

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Pay Per Call Performance Based Direct Marketing
Pay Per Call not the whole Direct Mail Campaign

Pay Per Call not the whole Direct Mail Campaign

So you get a call one day from a person saying they are a “marketing consultant.” This marketing consultant is telling you he produces high quality direct mail campaigns and he will give you a good deal to try one out, however, you don’t know this guy from Joe Schmoe down the street.

The “marketing consultant” is telling you that you need to spend $5000 dollars to produce this direct mail campaign and that you should EXPECT about a 2 percent response. You do that math and realize that if you get a 2 percent response from the mail you will make a small fortune less the cost to produce the campaign.

So you say “ok, kid…ill test it out.”

You give the kid a bank wire for 5000 dollars. And he says “now all you gotta do is wait for the phone to ring”

Here is what happens 99% of the time. Your mail drops and you start taking some calls.

You get a call from the kid, “hey your mail is hitting. Looks like your phones are ringing. Closing any deals yet?

You say, “No, we got a few calls but not anybody that was qualified.”

Kid says, “Ok well let’s give it a day or so and see where we are then.”

This is where it gets good…
You notice the calls are already starting to drop off.
You notice the kid hasn’t called you in a few days.
You call the kid and it goes straight to his voicemail.

Now you start to get a little worried and begin to think “did I just get hustled?”
After analyzing the total campaign you realize that you didn’t even get a 1 percent response and now this “kid” / “marketing consultant” is nowhere to be found. You have now wasted 5 grand of your marketing budget on a “what if” and “might work” direct marketing campaign from a complete stranger.

Does this horror story sound familiar?
Being in the direct marketing industry for as long as I have, I have seen my clients go through this over and over then come back to me asking to put a band-aid on their scraped knee. This prompted me to come up with an idea!

What if we offered the direct mail as a “per call campaign”
What if we told the client that we will guarantee exactly what they are going to get and give them a full exchange policy for anything that does not meet those requirements?

This is where the pay per call performance based direct marketing campaign was born. You now have the ability to say I want you to give me 100 calls and I want to return anything that does not qualify.

Pay Per Call Performance based Direct Marketing is the new revolution of the lead generation industry. Ask your direct mail company if they are willing to do a pay per call campaign. Odds are they will say No. This is mostly because they themselves don’t believe in the product that they are delivering to you at a premium price. This is because they are not willing to put up the money it costs to produce a campaign and expect the results. I have been working in direct mail for a long time and have developed solid models that produce high quality traffic. Because of my proven models I am able to offer you a performance based per call direct marketing campaign without thinking twice. Don’t take the “see what sticks” approach anymore. Get exactly what you pay for and hold your lead vendors accountable. If they are not willing to do this they should not be your lead vendor anyways.