Use Twitter & Call Tracking To Reduce Lost Leads

on Dec 18, 2012   ·   Call Tracking, Social Media Optimization   ·   0 comments

Use Twitter & Call Tracking To Reduce Lost Leads

According to reports twitter now has over 200 million active users monthly. Every company  is using some form of social media today, and reaching your customer through the web of companies trying to reach the same customer continues to be a real struggle. However with so many active twitter users, many of your customer base may be waiting for you to reach out to them.

Twitter has an open conversation philosophy, and with that philosophy, a channel has been created from the business to the customer. Unfortunately many businesses today lose tons of leads over the phone because of the sales person over the phone was unable to give the customer what they the wanted. Now how can you make it right? Most lost leads won’t call back so how do you reach them and try again?

With the power of social media you can easily reach out to these same individuals with a tweet asking whether your company has let them down in any way or was unable to give them what they wanted. With calls being recorded you can easily go back and see where your business may have failed to give the lead what he/she needed.

So get creative with your call tracking and stop losing leads today!