New Text to Speech Voice Broadcasting Software

on May 14, 2010   ·   Voice Broadcasting   ·   0 comments

New Text to Speech Voice Broadcasting Software
text to speech voice broadcasting

Deliver a more personal message with text to speech voice broadcasting

Got a big political campaign but want a more personal approach to your message? Trying to notify your clients who are in debt and need to get them to listen to your message? Maybe your message is important but without the right approach people are not listening… introducing text to speech voice broadcasting by Dynamic Interactive. Send a personal message out that makes people listen by dynamically inserting their name, their city or state, even their mortgage or debt amount.

You can improve your response rate by not sending out the same bland voice broadcasting message over and over. Instead, insert the recipient’s name into the message to get them to listen up. If you heard a message that spoke directly to you, wouldn’t you want to know who it is that has your information?

Who Can Use Text to Speech Voice Broadcasting?
Anyone can use the service but we see a lot of schools, financial institutions such as debt companies and credit card companies and political candidates.

Political campaigns benefit greatly from text to speech voice broadcasts. Some people don’t want to hear another message that pertains to the whole state, maybe they want to hear about their area specifically. So next time you are going to send out a political robo call you should think about adding some flair to your message by telling them what area you are looking to improve, their city, zip or area code.

Text to speech can insert anything into your message. You can still send out your normal voice message but with specific fields added at key points to give people a more personal feel. Contact us or take a look at our voice broadcasting page to get started today.