Mobile Purchases On The Rise.

on Dec 27, 2012   ·   SMS Marketing   ·   0 comments

Mobile Purchases On The Rise.

This year has been and up and down struggle with the economy, however one market that has been rising despite slow economic growth has been mobile and tablet devices as well as digital goods; goods that are not tangible but redeemed through a device or tablet. Not too long ago we saw that mobile was going to be huge this upcoming year, and a new study is showing that sales through mobile payment are on the rise as well! So what does this mean for you?

Mobile Purchases and Smart Phone Users

Reports show that 23% of smartphone and tablet users spend more time shopping and browsing online than any those who don’t own a smart device. Further more 22% of these purchases were made in response directly from an ad or email message they received on their phone or device.

The time has come for mobile marketing to grow and rise and you can begin and get started today using Dynamic’s SMS marketing to get a jump on on your competition. A quarter of your customer who revive your ad via SMS are likely to respond or purchase. The low cost of our SMS marketing makes pairing it up with your other forms of advertising easy and seamless.

Contact us today and see how easy it is to start reaching your customers via SMS marketing. Even if a portion of your customers do not immediately purchase, studies have shown that 90 percent of them will open the text message.  That is fantastic brand exposure which will result in further sales down the road.  Compare that with paying for a radio spot where you have no guarantee that people are listening to the commercials.  With SMS marketing from Dynamic Interactive you can track your open rate and your response rate so that you can instantly know if a promotion is working.

Start your SMS marketing campaign today!