Mobile Growing Faster Than Population

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Mobile Growing Faster Than Population

Over the last few weeks we have been writing loads of information on why you whether you are a business or individual you need to try mobile marketing in some fashion or another. Recently it has been even found that the number of cell phones and smart phones are growing faster than our population!  That’s right the mobile growing statistics are staggering.

With over 50 percent of the U.S. population owning a smart phone, mobile usage has gone up in the past several years. Consumers are using their smart phones for everything from staying in touch with friends on social media to finding a new favorite restaurant on the go.  Convenience rules the day with smart phone gaining more and more of overall internet traffic.

Ad Spend Increases with Mobile Growing

In Q4 mobile ad spend was up as retailers continued to invest heavily on advertisements that targeted smartphone users. Studies have shown that when people look up products or services from their phones they are more likely to make a buying decision immediately.  Mobile phones are convenient and people that use them typically don’t have a ton of time to sit down and research a product for hours.  That makes advertising on mobile extremely effective because you can reach a customer at exactly the right moment in time.

Mobile Growing is Good for Business

We are excited to be releasing your newest mobile advertising platform, SMS Marketing. Reach your customers whether they are busy or not, SMS marketing allows you to target and market to distinct markets or demographics. This form of advertising allows for your customer to view and digest the offer on their leisure and with the cost per message so low it is the perfect companion to an online or offline campaign. There are no ‘spam’ filters for text, so your customer is sure to receive your message. Why not start today? Give us a call and lets together work towards reaching your goals this new year.