Mobile Advertising Up 50% During The Holiday Season

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Mobile Advertising Up 50% During The Holiday Season

This past holiday season had many businesses and financial institutes disappointed in the lack of revenue generated in retail stores compared to the last year. Despite this however a study by MoPub found that mobile sales went up by 50% a huge gain over the last year as mobile advertising also went up.  Not only was conversion up but click through rates and impressions. This upcoming year make sure to leverage your company by using mobile by advertising your local deals or national deals. The platform has been shown to be growing at such a rapid pace don’t let this form of advertising pass you by, try our SMS advertising.

Mobile Advertising is Good for Business

Remember that mobile advertising is here to stay and use it to make more money!

Consumers that use their smartphone to look up a product or service are more likely to make an immediate buying decision that someone looking things up from a desktop.  The reason is convenience.  When people are on the go they need information quickly and have less time to shop around.  This is excellent news for businesses that are investing in mobile advertising because it gives them the opportunity to reach consumers when they are ready to buy.

SMS marketing is an important part of the overall mobile advertising space.  Businesses can send out text messages to their customers informing them of happy hour specials, a limited time sale, appointment opening, event, and more.  Text message marketing is extremely effective because it has an over 90 percent open rate.  That means when you send out an alert 9 out of 10 people will open it.  When you place a print or radio ad their is no way of telling if a consumer saw or heard it, let alone if they did something.  SMS marketing tells you exactly who opened it and by opening it you can see that your text was engaging.  You can improve your tracking by using tools like Call Tracking from Dynamic Interactive.

Try our SMS marketing today and grow your business.