Live Lead Distribution

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Live Lead Distribution


Well anyone who buys leads will tell you that live leads aka live transfers are much better then internet leads. Why? Because a live lead is there on the phone when the are hot and interested. So obviously demand for live leads is much higher.

And along with the growth of demand for live leads there is also a demand for performance based marketing such as pay per call. This can be calls from any form of online or offline advertising. Yes offline marketing such as newspapers, magazines, billboards, flyers, etc. Its all being brought out by the recession because you have businesses looking for more effective ways to get new customers and you have newspapers, and media outlets struggling to stay in business.

So the live lead (pay per call) is now mainstream! Lead generation and marketing agencies are scrambling to meet the demands of customer hungry businesses nationwide.

Dynamic Interactive’s Live lead distribution is a software platform that allows a lead generation or marketing company to generate, track, distribute, report, record, graph, and manage calls from advertisements directly to customers waiting to speak to new prospects.

Toll free numbers are provided for each advertisement or call source. This allows the advertiser to track response and ROI on each advertisement. The advertiser can also monitor call/lead quality for each ad by listening to the phone calls from the ad call log. This feature is called call tracking and is included in our live lead distribution system at no extra cost.

The calls can be distributed to clients based on these factors and more:

  • Vertical (industry)
  • Advertising source
  • State (location of caller)
  • Time of day
  • Day of the week
  • Daily Maximums
  • Customer Balances
  • Taking calls now: Yes / No
  • Frequency Capping
  • Price Bid or Admin Set Priority

How calls are distributed

If there are multiple active clients at the same bid level, it will send the call to the client that has waited the longest for a call. Repeat callers route back to same client without debiting their balance. Seems complicated but he calls ring though seamlessly without the caller having any delay, not even a second.

The customer get a web account to see call logs, call reports, and yes call recordings. And all customer fall in love with the interface quickly.

Customer real time dashboard

Customer Account Dashboard

Customer Live Call Reporting

Customer call log and call recordings

Customer call log and call recordings

In my next blog post I will talk about more of the features of this powerful tool including:

1. Admin Features

2. Lead Distribution efficiency

3. Media/Lead Generation planning tools

4. Handling lead returns and credits

5. Managing client balances

6. Lead Profile settings

7. Bidding Price Model or Fixed Pricing Model

Call Daniel at 1-800-951-6599 with any questions about this hosted software.