What We Can Learn From Facebook’s Mobile Ad Platform

on Jan 7, 2013   ·   SMS Marketing   ·   0 comments

What We Can Learn From Facebook’s Mobile Ad Platform

Today’s marketing world is constantly changing. With technologies and social platforms ever evolving, most advertising groups and marketing firms are adapting with every new opportunity that comes. Facebook this past year began to start and roll out a large mobile ad platform that within less than one year is responsible for 14% of the company’s revenue.

Facebook’s Mobile Ad Platform Gives You Instant Access

In addition to increased revenue generation, Facebook has found that users who have access to their social media platform on a mobile device are 70% more likely to use their service every day. These mobile users are more engaging as well, they are 30% more likely to ‘like’ and comment on posts. The future of Facebook and other social media platforms for that matter are all focusing on mobile, are you?

Why You Need a Mobile Ad

Facebook isn’t the only platform that is promoting mobile.  Google AdWords allows businesses to select if they want their ad to run for desktop users, smart phone users, or both.  By selecting who you want to see your ad you can customize the experience. It is important to remember that convenience trumps all else when it comes to mobile advertising.  Make your ad quick to load, easy to read, and include images whenever possible.  Consumers are more likely to make a quick buying decision when they are searching from their mobile phone than from a desktop site.  This can often mean that the company with the best ad wins.

Mobile for the most part is still a new frontier for most businesses, however its is growing at such an amazing pace its shocking to see so many go without this great platform to generate leads for their business. If you want to keep your business small, don’t advertise.  If you want to grow use a mobile ad.  This is the year for mobile advertising, are you ready?