Lead Nurturing with Predictive Dialing

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Lead Nurturing with Predictive Dialing

When your sales team has a pipeline full of leads, it is important to have a system that ensures you properly keep up with every prospect. Everything from the subject matter, specific details pertaining to the client, adding or editing contact information and scheduling follow up tasks needs to have a network in which all bases are covered. Without the right system, this process can be strenuous and unproductive. However, using a Predictive Dialing (PD) system allows you to better nurture your leads and increase your efficiency.

First Contact

First and foremost, PD is a great platform for making contact with your prospects. In this day in age, hand dialing is not the method of choice for growing businesses because it includes more idle time, less numbers dialed, and clearly less deals closed. With the right PD system, you can import lead lists, contact your prospects, and keep detailed records of each interaction. Great Predictive Dialing systems should allow you to integrate with a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to facilitate the accumulation of leads, newly added notes, and all actions taken until the deal closes.

Know the Details

Understanding your clients’ needs is crucial to nurturing your leads. Having the ability to instantly recall detailed information at a moment’s notice is necessary when speaking with clients. This knowledge alone can make you stand out from your competition. Being able to immediately send an email, open a website, or find a location through your predictive system prepares you to be well equipped to take the next step, build a better relationship, and make more money, faster!

Making it work for you

Each Predictive system comes with similar and unique features that can help you optimize your workflow to be much more streamlined and effective. Predictive Dialers have the ability to set reminders, automate the actual phone call, set dispositions, export data, integrate with 3rd party software, allow you have to more talk time and less idle time. With a system like this, you should at least double your productivity and bring in more business on a daily basis. Once you have dialed in the settings that work best for you and your business, you will reap the benefits of nurturing your leads with Predictive Dialing.

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