Large Payout or High Commission Affiliate Programs

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Large Payout or High Commission Affiliate Programs
Large Payouts or High Commissions

High Commissions or Large Payouts?

Affiliates want large payouts and high commission affiliate programs. Although the two are used together they are not synonymous, high commissions do not always dictate a large payout.

Affiliate marketing is used to earn cash from sending traffic to a site which converts sales. The direct effect is your check but it is not always that easy. For example you join a program that pays you 80% of any sale generated from your traffic. There are two things that will affect your payout, the price of the product/service and the closing ratio. If the product is expensive you will get a great check from any sale you generate, but you have to account for how many times a sale is closed.

Calculating a high commission is not as simple as it sounds. You have to keep an eye out for the percentages that are thrown out to catch you off guard. You want to account for three factors, the percentage or dollar amount of the sale that you get, how many sales are closed and what the product is. If you want to get that large payout you need a product that can sell.

Some products market to almost any industry vertical. Call tracking for example is highly marketable to any business because most generate incoming calls from marketing. This is especially true because it is a new technology with a price tag that can fit the needs of home offices and large corporations. Generating a sale will not take much effort on your part and most of your traffic will be utilized.

So ask yourself, do I want a large payout or high commission affiliate programs? The answer is the same for everyone but sometimes our vision is blurred by large numbers.