Keyword Call Tracking

on Jul 26, 2010   ·   Call Tracking   ·   0 comments

Hello world. Its been a while since my last blog post but I have some very exciting news. This comes by popular demand.

Dynamic Interactive is launching its new service Dynamic Keyword Call Tracking which is a powerful tool for any type of online advertiser. Keyword Call Tracking can track phone calls back to specific; keywords, search engines, paid/non-paid, affiliates, email ads, display banner ads, AB test treatments, and pretty much any other online ad with a hyper link.

Even though Dynamic Keyword Call Tracking can be used to track virtually all online marketing it is primarily designed to be for pay per click and search engine marketers who want conversion data on which keywords generated the most call in leads from a website or landing page.

Sounds amazing and it is. Any direct response advertiser will tell you that inbound call leads are much better then web form inquiries because the urgency is higher and prospects who call in are usually further along in the buying process; research and action. So doesn’t it make sense to know which keywords are driving in the most calls to your sales floor? Yes and a huge YES for any one spending more then $20,000 a month on ppc or seo. Some keywords may generate online conversions but no phone calls. Not good.

Is it session based call tracking?

Great question. Dynamic Keyword Call Tracking is not a session based call tracking service like some of our competitors. Session based call tracking is a recipe for either very high costs or inaccurate reporting or both. This is because session based call tracking dynamically inserts a phone number for each unique visitor. Sounds great right? well on the surface it sounds good but it doesnt guarantee accurate reporting because there has to be a finite number of tracking numbers and there could be high amounts of traffic on your website. So numbers are circulated and reused every few days.. Well if someone calls a few days late then boom.. your reports are officially inaccurate.

How does it work?

We either grab the keyword from the URL query string or from the http referrer. We then dynamically insert a unique phone number based on the keyword, keyword group, search engine, and ppc vs seo. Your data is accurate even though you’ll have to do without knowing the callers IP.. Who needs to know the callers IP when they are on the phone with you? Exactly my point.

So in closing, we free online demonstrations. Call us for info, demos, and pricing at 714.913.6941