How Your Organization Can be Exempt from Today’s TSR Regulations

on Jan 7, 2014   ·   Predictive Dialer   ·   

How Your Organization Can be Exempt from Today’s TSR Regulations

Companies and organizations running a calling campaign need to be aware of current TSR Regulations in order to avoid violations and costly fines.  Many organizations do not realize that they can be exempt from FTC Regulations.  Becoming exempt will make it easier for your virtual call center reps to contact people.  Dynamic Interactive’s predictive dialer can also scrub your list against the Do Not Call Registry so that non-exempt companies don’t accidentally call someone on the list.

Here is how your organization can be exempt from TSR Regulations.

Get Written Consent

If you want to make sales calls to prospects, you must have their prior written consent. Keep detailed records for auditing purposes.

Existing Business Relationship

You may contact a consumer to make a sale or offer them your services if you have a prior business relationship.  This means that they must have purchased something from you within the past 18 months.  You are also exempt from TSR regulations if they have made an inquiry asking for you to call them, even if they are on a Do Not Call Registry.  Make sure your virtual call center reps know the guidelines so they can answer customer questions.

Business to Business Calls

You can use our predictive dialer to make sales calls to another business without violating the Do Not Call Registry.

Informational Calls

If your organization needs to contact customers to provide them with information, you could be exempt from TSR Regulations.  Informational calls can ONLY provide information.  For example if someone purchased tickets for a concert and the concert was rescheduled you could make informational calls from our predictive dialer without checking the DNC list.  What you cannot do is include sales language or offer at the end of your call.  If you make sales calls on top of the information calls you cannot use this exemption.

Political Calls

You can make political calls from your virtual call center without checking the DNC Registry as long as you do not combine those calls with any sales offers, promotions, or as part of a larger sales campaign.

Surveys and Polls

Organizations can conduct a survey or poll as long as they are not part of a larger sales campaign.  For example if you are selling a new hybrid car you cannot survey area households to find out if they would consider purchasing a hybrid.  These calls need to be made by organizations that are specifically collecting data or providing information.  Otherwise, you will not be exempt.  If your company needs data for a sales campaign, you may want to outsource the survey or polling portion to another company.

These exemptions are for FTC guidelines.  You should also stay up to date on the FCC regulations.

Dynamic Interactive’s predictive dialer, Call Hub, makes it easy to scrub names against the Do Not Call Registry and to stay in compliance with TSR Regulations.  Our tools enable you to scrub your list against the Federal DNC Registry.  Our predictive dialer also gives consumers the option to “opt-out” of your call list to stay in compliance and avoid future violations.  Once they opt-out their name is removed from your call list automatically so your virtual call center reps can’t contact them.  Our tools make it easy for businesses to avoid costly mistakes while running efficient calling campaigns.  Call us at 800-951-6239 to learn how Dynamic can keep your business safe.