How You Can Benefit From Using Voice Broadcasting to Send Payment Reminders to Customers

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How You Can Benefit From Using Voice Broadcasting to Send Payment Reminders to Customers

Sending reminders to clients regarding payments owed can be exhausting and time consuming. This involves compiling a list of clients with outstanding balances and contacting them however you can. That can be via email, phone, or snail mail until you reach them and settle the balance. Autodialing allows you reach hundreds of customer in a matter of minutes. It’s a good idea to ensure the platform has the capabilities to accomplish what your message is asking your clients to do in order to make your campaign successful. Let’s explore how voice broadcasting can be an efficient tool and streamline the process of reminding customers.

Get Organized

The first task you want to complete is gathering a list of customers that you need to be contacted regarding payment reminders. Most voice broadcasting dialers will use an Excel format, which makes organizing your list easy. Usually, with this type of dialing, you will need a list of only the phone numbers, since the numbers are all the dialer will most likely read and dial.

The next step is to write the script. You will want to keep this message short and sweet. State the reason for the call and give the recipient a call to action. This call to action may be to “press 1 to speak to a representative”, visit a website, or call back a phone number. Actions requiring only 1 step will give the best results. If you have the customer go through a series of steps to achieve your desired result, they will most likely hang up and lose the caller. Remember, you’re calling them while they’re going about their business. The last thing they are thinking of is settling a payment, which means you want to make this as easy as possible for them.

Lastly, you need to record the message to be broadcasted. The recording quality of your message is important. You’ll want have message that sound clear and not of poor audio quality. Poor quality can be static, garbled words, inconsistencies in volume or having excessive background noise. One way to ensure you have a good message is to utilize a professional recording studio or purchase recording software and a USB microphone and do the recording yourself. Before you commit to a message, try getting some feedback to make sure you send a clear message.

Getting Started

Once you have the phone list, the script and the recording made, you may now proceed to create a voice broadcast campaign. By this time, you should have your representatives ready and available to take calls. Remember, this first run will give you an indication as to how your customers are reacting to your message and if your representatives are effective in achieving the desired result. Just like other forms of marketing, A/B testing may be in order to make sure you’re getting the most out of your broadcasting dollars. And when you have the most adequate method in place, you’re business will be much more efficient.