How Political Campaigns Use Voice Broadcasting

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How Political Campaigns Use Voice Broadcasting

Voice Broadcasting has been used for many years and is a major asset to any political marketing campaign. Voice Broadcasting (VB) is used throughout the country to promote events, deliver poll surveys, send general announcements and may include the use of a phone bank to answer questions and further promote the candidate. During the political season, VB usage skyrockets when candidates are reaching existing and new supporters. We’ll explore how poll surveys and phone banks can help any political campaign reach its goals.

Poll Surveys

Having knowledge about how people think on certain issues is important to any candidate. Poll surveys are a great way to gather those statistics on topics that concern the public. By creating a series of multiple choice questions, you can get as detailed as needed to understand how voters think about the upcoming elections. By utilizing voice broadcasting, you can acquire these responses in a fast and cost effective manner. If you are looking to target a few hundred or a few hundred thousand registered voters, voice broadcasting is the way to go!

Pre-Recorded Messages

Another great way to get the messages out is to broadcast them out to your voters. By pre-recording your script, having the ability to press 1 and get connected to a representative has proven effective in spreading the message. You can create a press 1 message, or a recording that simply play out to someone when they pick up the phone and/or leave a message on their answering machines. These types of broadcasts very cost effective and are great for delivering news, updates, or reminders.

Phone Banks

In addition to running a pre-recorded message and/or poll survey, the use of phone banks have proven to be effective in promoting the candidate’s message, solutions to issues, and reminding callers of upcoming events. Phone banks can be accompanied by both poll surveys or voice broadcasted messages. By having the recipient press 1 to connect to a representative, both parties may continue with any additional questions, thoughts, or comments regarding the candidate and/or issues.

Boost Chances of Success

By utilizing pre-recorded messages and phone surveys you have an advantage over your opponent that doesn’t use these platforms. You can get more done in less time while spending less on marketing and research. Try voice broadcasting in your next campaign and reap the benefits of a great marketing campaign and boost the chances of your success!