How Non-Profits Can Use Voice Broadcasting

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How Non-Profits Can Use Voice Broadcasting

Voice Broadcasting is an efficient tool for non-profit’s to grow their supporter and donor base.  Many non-profits will use Voice Broadcasting to notify supporters of upcoming events, current projects, donation drives, and register them for events.  Voice Broadcasting maximizes the time staff members and volunteers spend on the phone by transferring live calls only.  No time is wasted dialing phone numbers, sitting on hold or leaving messages.  Dynamic Interactive’s Voice Broadcasting software does this for you.

Voice Broadcasting also decreases overhead and operational cost.  With fewer staff members, a non-profit can reach more people while decreasing their payroll expense.

Types of Voice Broadcasting and How They Are Implemented

Live call transfer with voicemail options. They type of calling campaign transfers calls to a live rep when someone answers the phone.  If the call goes to voice mail, it will leave messages on an answering machine.

Press 1 campaigns. The audience can press a specific digit to reach a live representative.  This way you only speak with people that are ready to hear from you.

Survey campaigns.  A Non-Profit can ask several questions and get a detailed report after the campaign has finished running that will show all the participants answers.

How Voice Broadcasting Can Help Non-Profits

Live call transfer with voicemail options.  This type of campaign is great for Non -Profits to send out event reminders and thank supporters.

Press 1 campaigns. This campaign enables Non-Profits to have their supporter listen to the message and get transferred to a live representative for further information about registration or how to make a possible donation.

Survey campaigns. Surveys enable non-profits to get feedback from their supporters so they can get a better idea of what issues need to be taken care of, future projects and events or ways to grow their donor base.

Tracking Solutions

After a voice broadcast is sent out non-profits are able track the amount of people it reached live, the number of answering machines it reached, and which numbers are no longer in service.  For surveys, Dynamic Interactive also offers a detailed report of how the audience responded to the survey.  These features allow non-profits to become bigger, better and more efficient.

Non-Profit organizations need to connect with their strongest asset – the people who support it. Dynamic Interactive’s services bring people together, making communication easier than ever before. All of Dynamic’s services are tailor made to fit each Non-Profits, making reaching supporters easier than ever.