How a Predictive Dialer Can Help Your Company Grow

on Jan 7, 2014   ·   Predictive Dialer   ·   

How a Predictive Dialer Can Help Your Company Grow

Business owners and managers know that in order to grow a company you have to increase sales.  Marketing campaigns that incorporate calling efforts are effective because you have the ability to speak with prospects immediately and close the sale.  The problem many businesses face is how to maximize their calling efforts to close more sales in less time.  There are several solutions including outsourcing to a third party company, building your own call center, and using Dynamic Interactive’s Call Hub for a virtual call center.

Challenges with Outsourcing

When you outsource calling campaigns it can be difficult to control quality.  Without closely monitoring your callers’ interactions and consumer responses, you could be missing out on sales opportunities.  Without internal management on hand, to provide support, you can also lose customers with significant questions or challenges.

Building Your Own Call Center

Many companies have found that they have greater success when they have an in house call center, which can be supervised, with calls transferred to the management as needed.  The challenge with building your own call center is the upfront investment.  You will need to spend tens of thousands of dollars on equipment and infrastructure. You will also need tech support to resolve issues quickly, so you don’t have a team sitting there, unable to make outbound calls.

Dynamic Interactive’s Call Hub is the Solution

Our predictive dialer gives you the ability to have an in house or virtual call center without the upfront investment or infrastructure cost.  Call Hub comes with its own tech support, so you don’t need to hire anyone to support your calling efforts.  With same day set up you can start calling and grow your company immediately.

Benefits of the Call Hub Predictive Dialer:

  • No upfront cost
  • Zero maintenance
  • Same day setup
  • Easy reporting tools
  • Make more calls per hour
  • Works with a computer
  • DNC tools and scrubbing
  • Hot transfer
  • Call Monitoring
  • And more!


Predictive Dialers Increase Your ROI

Your agents can dial up to ten times more customers with a predictive dialer.  Once you upload your call list the system will dial out and only transfer to a live agent once someone has said “hello”.  Your agent’s time is spent on the phone with live people rather than dialing and listening to the phone ring.  With the capability to make a hot transfer our predictive dialer can connect your employees with a manager or closer, even if they are not in the same building.  This is ideal for companies that want a virtual call center for multiple offices or work from home phone reps.  Call Hub makes it possible for your agents to increase productivity and generate more sales.

Call Hub Reporting Tools

As a manager or business owner you can keep tabs on your agents and customer responses at any time.  Our predictive dialer offers real time reporting that lets you listen to the conversations, make notes, and follow up based on what you hear.  This provides an excellent opportunity to further train employees and turn good sales calls into closed sales.

Sign Up Now and Save

New customers can use Dynamic Interactive’s predictive dialer at a special rate.  Sign up now and for the first month you will only pay $49 per phone agent with unlimited call time! All of the minutes are included in this low monthly price so start your virtual call center today and enter 2014 with a bang.  Call 800-951-6239 to get started!