Google Maps Phone Verification Problems

on May 11, 2010   ·   Call Tracking, Search Engine Optimization   ·   0 comments

Google Maps Phone Verification Problems

Dynamic Interactive is a Call Tracking & Voice Broadcasting company that helps companies track their advertising calls using our Dynamic Call Tracking Software.

Over the last few months we have had several clients who do local SEO that have had trouble with Google Maps not calling their phone numbers to verify their listings. This would have happened both with or without our call tracking numbers.

We looked for a possible solution for a few days. In doing so we saw that many other people online had similar problems. In fact the online discussion forums were full of problems, just Google search “Google maps phone verification” and  you’ll see half of the results are complaints about the Google phone system.

After looking for a solution I remembered hearing back about a FCC inquiry into Google for blocking certain areas or rate centers that are more expensive then the average area because they are controlled by smaller phone companies. So we started selecting certain local call tracking numbers for our local SEO clients who needed to place the listing on Google Maps. We selected numbers with rates centers controlled by larger more well known phone carriers. We did this working under the assumption that the larger carriers are the cheaper ones and the smaller no name carriers are the expensive ones that Google and other web services block when making phone calls.

And then the Google maps listings started phone verifying like clockwork. It was that simple.

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