Want To Generate Lists Of Your Customers With Facebook?

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Want To Generate Lists Of Your Customers With Facebook?

Today, every consumer has millions of messages being directed them a day. At the checkout at the grocery store, to the TV and radio at a gas station. Consumers today have grown more and more desensitized to mass messages. Its now like trying to pin a tale on a donkey getting the right message to the right person. Fortunately today however, there are specialized and targeted forms of marketing. The single most under utilized method is Voice Broadcasting.

For most businesses they can’t see how voice broadcasting can work for them let alone what it is. So here is an idea how to use voice broadcasting to generate lists of customers for advertising.

  1. Start off by giving your customers a reason to give you their phone number over Facebook. Create a contest or offer a free white paper in return for a phone number.
  2. Once you have these phone numbers split them up into groups you can market to and then create a dedicated message to those customers

For Example: A small  dentistry has most of its patients from two local cities. Offer a free teeth cleaning to the 10th and 20th and 30th customer who signs up with a phone number. Give everyone who signs up a small discount of say 10% just for signing up. Next separate the customer information into two groups one group for each other cities that dentistry serves. Now creating a target voice broadcasted message to bring these customers in every six months for check-ups and teeth cleanings. Now in the future you have a list of customers who you now are interested in your services to contact every June and December to garner some new business. Those teeth cleanings can easily lead to upsales as well so there is very little loss here because most individuals won’t come in with the 10% coupon for a teeth cleaning, they will most likely choose a more expensive services.

Voice broadcasting whether used often or seldom a few times has limitless possibilities and with incredibly low rates per call, it is amazing why so few businesses use Voice Broadcasting.