How Friars Are Now Using SMS To Acquire Prayer Requests

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How Friars Are Now Using SMS To Acquire Prayer Requests

Even churches are getting in on the action.  SMS marketing is being used by churches to reach their parishioners outside of the sanctuary.  This enables priests and pastors to connect with people outside of Sunday, reaching them exactly when and where they need it most.

SMS Marketing Used for Prayer Requests

Mobile technology is growing at an astounding rate and even the most traditional of businesses and institutions are adapting to the growing influence mobile has on the everyday person. Franciscan Friars are now accepting prayer requests via SMS allowing those who send in the prayers a easier and more time efficient manner in which to get their petitions heard. Participants only need to send in the phrase “PRAYER” to 306-44, according to a release. It is apparent that SMS is here to grow and to stay, and it is only a matter of time before more and more businesses jump on board.

SMS is Used by All Industries

If the church can use SMS to stay in touch with people, you can too!  Call us to learn how SMS can be incorporated into your marketing efforts by calling Dynamic Interactive.

Some other clever ways to use text message are:

  • Event Alerts.  Remind people to come to your school, work, business or political event using a text message.  You can send them the address and time details.
  • Happy Hour.  Restaurants should use text messages to tell customers about happy hours, parties, live music, or other special discounts.  Do this on a slow day to get business in the door.
  • New Products.  If you have gotten a new product in, hired a new employee, or are offering a new service, you can use SMS marketing to alert your customers.  You can draw people into your store by offering a special discount code that can be applied at the register.

The Dynamic Interactive team is happy to discuss ideas with you to help you craft the perfect text message marketing campaign.