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At Dynamic, we are passionate about technology and building systems that help your clients thrive. Our backgrounds are diverse, and we understand that business solutions need to add clear value to the organization.  The diversity of our backgrounds enables us to have a greater understanding of our clients business needs.

Dynamic Interactive was founded by Daniel Bernal and Joseph Alcaraz in an effort to help other businesses grow through leveraging cutting edge technology. We believe that teams are best enabled by creative flexibility and a culture of education and personal development.  By empowering our team, they can design and implement solutions.  We don’t believe in molds but in creative solutions, designed to meet our client’s needs.

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Beyond Just Marketing

Dynamic’s Solutions Work for All Industries

We service clients in all verticals and have experience with B2C, B2B, non-profit organizations, government agencies, and political groups. We strive to provide excellent customer service and technology support.  As a Dynamic client, you will receive personal attention from our professional and knowledgeable staff.  We understand that each industry is different, and our clients have unique needs.  We offer a listening ear and willingness to find solutions to whatever your needs may be.



Our CompanyCompany Culture

Dynamic Interactive offers a variety of telephony solutions for your business needs.  We have an in-house development team that ensures our technology stays cutting edge and running smoothly.  We are based in Irvine, CA and with an intense focus on development and service we have stayed at the forefront of this competitive industry.

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