What is Cloud Marketing Software?

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What is Cloud Marketing Software?
cloud marketing software

Cloud marketing software opens a window of opportunities

You see it more and more, “cloud software”, and may ask yourself, “what in the world is cloud software?!” it is web based software. As the world of technology is constantly evolving we are seeing more software companies move from Operating System based applications to web based applications like Google. Google is a great example of a company that is providing more applications everyday that you can access from any web browser, e.g. Gmail, Google Docs, and Google Wave. These applications are considered cloud based applications because they are completely based online and all the information is stored on Google’s servers.

What are the main benefits of cloud marketing software that make it so desirable?
Cost effective – No need to purchase servers to host applications
Very secure – No need to worry about the latest security threats or patches
Accessibility – The only thing needed to access web based software is a web browser, from any platform; Windows, MAC OSX and Linux operating systems.
Easy enough for a caveman – No need to know how to install enterprise applications, setup databases or maintaining backups.

Dynamic Interactive offers cloud marketing software that is built on top of the line technology using the best programming available. The Dynamic call tracking system can be used to track your inbound calls, generate reports about those calls and record them. Our voice broadcasting system can be used to send out a message to a massive amount of people quickly and easily. Both are cloud marketing software that offer security and safety for your data, all backed by a customer support team.