• Call Tracking
  • Predictive Dialer
  • SMS
  • Voice Broadcasting


A customer of ours was a new candidate running for office for the city he lived in. With no previous experience or reputation from serving on city boards or school boards, needed a way to let people know he was running for office. He also needed to make sure that his followers had means to connect with him during business hours and keep track of just what they asked of him.

Sales 75% Increase


Thanks to the power of SMS Marketing and Voice Broadcasting we were able to contact potential supporters by using his political affiliation’s website. By using the people’s registered phone numbers together we sent out a large campaign with a pre-recorded message asking people in his city to rally behind him. Once people started to stand behind him we used Call Tracking to keep tabs on what mattered to his supporters.

Case Study



Political campaigns have come a long way since times past. Candidates would have to hope supporters and volunteers would help make endless amounts of calls to people within the district they are running just to let people know they were running. However now with our predictive dialer, and other services you no longer have to waste time on the phone. You can speak with only live calls! Just one of the few amazing services we offer those in the political industry.

Running for any office in this  city used to mean going door to door letting people know you were running, but today all I had to do was pre-record a message and have it sent to everyone within my city!

Bill Watson
Candidate for City Mayor