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A Non-Profit organisation customer of ours needed a way to contact thousands of their supporters and if they chose to, be transfered to speak to their representatives. This had to be conducted not only in the United States of America, but in 2 other countries in 2 different continents.

Sales 75% Increase


Working with our international and domestic providers, we were able to break through several technical barriers to execute the campaigns.

Result: 41% of their supports who we reached live choose to speak to their representative which resulted in thousands of political action calls in a short period.

Case Study


Non-profit Culture

We understand the Non-Profit sectors need to connect with their strongest asset which is the people who support it. Our services are aimed to bring people together, to make communication easier than ever before. All of our services are a tailor made fit for non-profits, we make reaching your followers and supporters easy while making sure you are able to keep track of those you need to contact.

People really don’t understand my industry and I was so pleased that Dynamic knew exactly what I needed and how to achieve it.

Jonathan Umali


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