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A customer of ours in the medical field needed a way to call back prospects of theirs but needed to be able to increase their answer rates. They have branch offices all over California but the call center was in a single location.


The Dynamic team was able to combine 2 of our services Call Tracking and Hosted PBX to provide a solution for tracking the inbound calls for call back and a custom configured hosted pbx so that the caller ids of the calls they made would always appear to be from a local phone number. The local numbers that were used as caller ids in each of the area codes they were calling were call tracking numbers that route back to the customers call center.

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In the Medical Field many times marketing is not something often thought about, however the number one reason practices fail today is lack of patients. There are tons of patients out there waiting to receive the care they need but aren’t being reached. We at Dynamic are able to pair you with exactly the patient generation your practice needs through our many services.

I was initially skeptical, but after talking with customer support I was amazed how easy everything was to implement!

Ivery Sanchez
Multiple Practice Owner


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