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  • SMS
  • Voice Broadcasting


Marsuno Creative came to us with the need to generate new leads which they hoped would ultimately lead to new sales. They decided to create online advertisements and use Dynamic’s services to track and analyze those who actually decided to contact them for creative services.


Sales 75% Increase


The strategy for Marsuno was to create landing pages for each of their creative services and use Call Tracking to test their different landing pages. With a strict budget they wanted to maximize their reach online.

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Amazing Support

Initially all they needed was Call Tracking but soon they found that many of those contacting them gave contact details for future promotions. So we showed them how SMS could reach their clients wherever they were. Then coupled along with Voice Broadcasting they were able to target and create specialized content and marketing for specific potential clients.

We were so happy that we were shown how once all of Dynamic’s services were used together how much business we could generate.

Mario Tovar


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