Candidates and Politicians Use Voice Broadcasting to Reach Voters

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Candidates and Politicians Use Voice Broadcasting to Reach Voters

One of the biggest challenges for candidates and politicians is reaching enough voters.  With thousands, if not millions, of voters in your area calling each one can be a momentous task.  Even with a team of dedicated volunteers, calling can still be a challenge.  Voice Broadcasting makes it possible to reach more voters in less time than manually dialing, even with a smaller crew.  Dynamic Interactive’s Voice Broadcasting solution is affordable and can be set up within hours.  This is by far the most efficient way to reach the voters in your area.

How Can Politicians Use Voice Broadcasting?

Voice Broadcasting is a telephony solution with a diverse set of features, all making it easier to reach voters.

Speak Directly With Voters

Dynamic Interactive’s Voice Broadcasting platform will dial from your list of voters.  When someone answers they can transfer the call to volunteers or to the political candidate. No one spends time shuffling paperwork, dialing the phone, or waiting on hold.  Every moment is maximized for the greatest impact.

Leave a Message

When the call is answered by an answering machine, a prerecorded message can play. This can be a welcome from the candidate, an announcement for a local event, or a thank you.  The political candidate can record the message so that the listener never knows it came from a machine.

Conduct Surveys

As Election Day approaches, it is important to know where each candidate stands with the voters.  Voice Broadcasting can be used to conduct a survey and to take a poll.  For example, the survey can ask questions like: “In the upcoming election who do you plan to vote for? Press 1 for Obama or Press 2 for Romney etc” Once the survey is finished Dynamic Interactive supplies the politician and campaign manager with statistics from the calls. Surveys can be customized and used in many different ways.  Dynamic Interactive’s experienced customer service team can help campaigns to increase their response rate.

Thank Voters and Volunteers

Voice Broadcasting can be used to thank supporters, volunteers, and voters.  With a prerecorded message from the candidate, people can be thanked while the campaign team is at the next event.

Statistics and Tracking

Winning elections is all about the numbers.  Dynamic Interactive has robust tracking features and report settings to inform the candidate and their team of the results of each calling campaign.  Whether conducting a survey, asking people if they want more information etc. you can track the response rate to each calling effort.

Dynamic Interactive can also record the messages for candidates that don’t particularly like to speak on the phone.  Voice Broadcasting is the solution campaign managers and politicians have been looking for.