Call Tracking Technology – A Customer Service Quality Tool

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Call Tracking Technology – A Customer Service Quality Tool
call tracking quality assurance recordings

Record your customer service team with call tracking

Sometimes it’s hard to find a company that offers customer service. Even when you find one it’s hard to get good customer service, but it stands out when you do. Most of the time the service is outsourced to other countries and even if it is housed in the states the quality still lacks something. Call tracking technology can be a customer service quality tool to help improve relationships with your clientele and reduce churn.

Call tracking can help to improve a relationship by recording conversations for quality assurance. By monitoring calls a customer service representative can be commended for their efforts or trained on how to better serve a client’s needs. If there is a horrible call, a senior account supervisor could call the customer back to repair the relationship. Happy clients yield referrals. If your clientele feel the service you provide is helpful and friendly they will refer their friends and family. Also if they have a great customer service experience they will probably share it with everyone.

Reducing customer churn comes from improved relationships but also from quality service. Even if the relationship has been salvaged sometimes customers will still cancel their service later or stop coming back for more service. Call tracking helps to reduce this churn through training for the future. Call recordings can serve as examples of bad and good calls, while training your customer service team members you can show them what kind of service you should expect from them, how to resolve uncomfortable situations and what not to do under any circumstance.

When utilizing call tracking software as a customer service tool it is important to be aware of call quality and recording quality. You want customers to be able to hear your service reps loudly and clearly over the phone. Recordings benefit your training better when they are higher quality, not to mention having to listen to hundreds of horribly recorded calls for quality assurance.

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