Call Tracking For Quality Control Part 2 of 2

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Call Tracking For Quality Control Part 2 of 2
Keep focused on your company with Call Tracking Software

Keep focused on your company with Call Tracking Software

In Part 1 of 2 you read about advanced quality control using call tracking. The continuation of this article, Call Tracking and Quality Control Part 2 of 2, is about using call tracking as a training tool for sales representatives and customer service alike.

Running a call center with multiple employees can result in multiple mistakes; however, those mistakes can be used as an example or training lesson.  When a person is able to see or hear the mistake that they made they are more apt to learn from it. As an employer using the call recording feature can save current and potential clients from taking their money elsewhere.

Call tracking provides multiple features and reports.


  • Ability to listen to calls
  • Ability to export calls to mp3


  • The duration per call
  • The date and time of each call
  • The source of the call
  • Employee receiving the call

When a sales representative quotes a customer for the wrong amount or a customer service representative doesn’t offer the correct information to a customer, it is crucial to take preventative measures to stop this from happening again. Listening to the calls between potential or current customers and employees will assist in the preservation of quality control. When a call center has a continuous flow of incoming calls it is important that each customer’s needs are satisfied in a timely manner. Retrieving real time reports on the length of each call along with a voice recording of the call, will allow a business to observe and safeguard the goal for quality customer care.  By utilizing call tracking to provide company support, it has never been easier to exceed quality service expectations.