Call Tracking For Quality Control Part 1 of 2

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Call Tracking For Quality Control Part 1 of 2
Make sure what your customers are hearing is working with call tracking

Call Tracking makes sure customers are hearing what you want them to hear

When a call comes into an office or call center the first question asked should be “how can I help you today?” However, for most companies it is usually “how did you hear about our company?” Tracking incoming calls consists of asking the caller what their name is, their phone number, and which ad they saw or heard. It is always possible for an employee to forget to ask how they heard about the company, or make an error when taking down the customer’s phone number. Without tracking software you are unable to see the duration of a call, record the call, or track which employee took the call. A step in quality control is having any and all analytics available to you.

Call tracking provides businesses with the tools needed in order to maintain their definition of quality service. When a company decides what their criteria for customer satisfaction is, they make an agenda that will uphold those ideas and ethics. Quality control is a procedure that must be in continuous effect with the goal being absolute customer satisfaction. When the standards for that goal are not met, there must be corrective action. Business owners’ employees are the frontlines for their business and training them properly on how to represent their company is of the utmost importance.

Within this article, Call Tracking and Quality Control Part 1 of 2, we have discussed call tracking and how it can be used for advanced quality control. Please read Part 2 of 2 when we talk about how this software is being utilized by companies worldwide as a training tool.