What is Call Tracking Part 2 of 2

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What is Call Tracking Part 2 of 2
Call Tracking Surveillance System

Call Tracking Surveillance System

In What is Call Tracking Part 1 of 2,  I wrote about basic call tracking and what kinds of benefits it can offer. What is Call Tracking Part 2 of 2 will discuss call tracking’s interface and reporting aspects. A more advanced discussion on what call tracking really is.

The call tracking interface, which is usually web based, provides many detailed reports and graphs which can help the business that is using the service to monitor all details and data used to make educated decisions based on the analytics. Some of the reports and graphs offered are; calls per hour, call durations, call durations per hour, calls per campaign, calls per campaign per hour, calls per state, short calls durations per state, number of call backs per campaign, average call lengths, strongest call in hour, time zone call in times, etc. These reports are great when trying to justify ad spending to a board of directors or an investor.

Types of reports Call Tracking offers

  • Calls per hour
  • Call durations
  • Call durations per hour
  • Calls per campaign
  • Calls per campaign per hour
  • Calls per state
  • Short calls durations per state
  • Number of call backs per campaign
  • Average call lengths
  • Strongest call in hour
  • Time zone call in times

The call tracking interface is also vital when spending lots of money on advertising. If you drop a 50,000 piece mailer, you need to know who called and when. This is because your cost per call could be as high as $80 to $100. So each call is worth $100. Therefore each dropped call, or missed call is a complete loss. Knowing who called and when is crucial to maximizing the results of any advertising campaign.

This is the conclusion to What is Call Tracking. We would like to know how would your company benefit from call tracking?  Please comment, your feedback is invaluable!